– We use the best materials to produce smokers
– We do not save on quality
– Price of handcrafted smokehouses from $1650
We have excellent rating on Google Maps and Trustpilot
based on 38 reviews
based on 38 reviews
  • Hot smoke – you can set temperatures from 0 to 248°F

  • Cold smoke – Up to 16 hours of autonomous work without the need to add more fuel

  • Drying – Powerful system with two fans

  • Advanced – curing, roasting, grilling, steam boiling, defrosting
  • Dec 26, 2023
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  • Meat probe – shows current product temperature

  • Timer – turns the heat off when time runs out

  • Stable smoke – one load of the smoke generator is enough for 16 hours

  • Recipes & Programs – You will have 40 recipes for various meals: bacon, beef, trout, salmon, chicken, etc

  • Full control – You will have a powerful arsenal at your disposal, you can control each aspect of the chamber
  • Nov 27, 2023
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    Smoke generator works all night
    The generator is easy to use – just fill it with wooden chips, light them, and leave it
    Dec 4, 2023
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    Unique features that make it the best
    Featuring an ashtray and a condensation filter, it prevents humidity increase, traps tar in a jar, and accommodates any wood type
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    Price of handcrafted smokehouses from $970

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    They have already got their smokehouses
    We take great care to ensure that the quality of our products is as high as possible
    Create the perfect smoked meats for yourself, your family, your restaurant, or selling delicious products
    One-time loading 33 lbs
    One-time loading 66 lbs
    One-time loading 110 lbs
    Create cold and hot smoked products for yourself or your customers with maximum automation
    One-time loading 33 lbs
    One-time loading 66 lbs
    One-time loading 110 lbs
    Choose the perfect smokehouse for your needs in 1 minute
    We will find the right smokehouse for you and guarantee that you will remain satisfied.
    Price of handcrafted smokehouses from $1650