The functionality of the smokehouse allows you to smoke cold and hot. Drying, curing and roasting in the chamber. The chamber is designed both for the new delicious hobby and for professionals.

WARNING, you’ll be able to make meats so deliciously smoky they’ll be hard to stop. Be prepared for increased attention from friends and neighbors.
At one time you can smoke:
30 whole chickens
40 pork ribs
50 whole mackerel
Maximum loading:
110 lbs
Ready to order
Free shipping to the US
We are shipping to the US in full 40′ containers to ensure the most pleasant shipping experience for the customers
72.0″ x 29.5″ x 29.5″
44.9″ x 25.2″ x 23.6″, 15.44 Cubic Feet
The outside of the chamber:
pine wood
The inside of the chamber:
completely stainless steel
Power consumption:
1.9 kW, 110V, 60 Hz
Crossbars to hang food:
5 upper, 4 middle, 4 lower tier
Hooks to hang the food:
Air compressor:
Wood chips:
6.6 lbs
Personalized Smart 50
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The quality has always been our top priority. All smokers are hand-built to order and when the smoker is ready, you will get a full report for your smoker.

To proceed with the order it is enough to cover only 20% of the smoker’s cost.
You can customize all aspects of the smoker.

Most popular customization options are:
1. Chimney for indoors usage
2. Custom loading patterns
3. Personal engraving, for instance your name written on the smoker
Customize all detail
for your perfect smokehouse
20% Advance
To start manufacturing your order
Buyer protection
Manufacturing time right now due to the queue is 6-8 weeks.
Then the smoker is tested for multiple days to ensure everything is working fine.
After testing we will send you the full report, pictures from all sides, and inventory pictures.
You will be able to confirm the build quality and all personalization options before paying the full amount

The smoker will not leave the factory without your approval
You also have the option to pick up the smoker directly from the factory yourself
Full report
Before dispatchment
To ensure comfortable and safe delivery we are working with the most reliable shipping companies, like DHL Freight. For safe loading and unloading the smoker is well-packed and fixated on the pallet.

The courier’s car is always equipped with a lift and the courier will help you to unload the smoker. For additional safety each smoker is insured for the full cost, please make sure to thoroughly inspect the smoker on arrival before signing the shipping paper

Safe and comfortable delivery by:
Hot smoke
  • You can set temperatures from 0 to 248°F

  • You can adjust smoke density for the desired flavor

  • The convection fan ensures even heat and smoke distribution, resulting in uniform cooking and smoking on all sides

  • Whether smoking multiple layers or large items, everything cooks evenly from top to bottom
  • Dec 26, 2023
    I bought a Smart 30. A great device, even for beginners. The delivery took place as agreed. And even…read the full review in Trustpilot
    Cold smoke
  • Up to 16 hours of autonomous work without the need to add more fuel

  • Tar and condensation filter for cleaner smoke

  • Perfect maintenance of low temperatures

  • Even distribution of smoke and temperature in the chamber due to convection fan

  • You can even dry or cure your product before smoking cold
  • Nov 27, 2023
    I saw the oven on YouTube and immediately decided that I wanted to buy the oven. The sales consultant was…read the full review in Trustpilot
  • Powerful system with two fans

  • Strict maintenance of low temperatures

  • Fully automatic

  • You can dry meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, etc
  • Dec 4, 2023
    From the prepurchase chat, to the price and of course the cooking experience it is hard to fault this company…read the full review in Trustpilot

  • Curing

  • Steam boiling

  • Roasting

  • Defrosting

  • Grilling

  • Highly recommended! Quality, functionality, all thought through! Great customer service. Been helpull from…read the full review in Trustpilot
    Price at least 10-50 times cheaper
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    Meat probe
  • Shows current product temperature

  • Turns off the heat upon reaching the goal temperature

  • Prevents overcooking
  • Nov 9, 2023
    I purchased a new Custom Smart 50 Smoker after seeing these on facebook and at first I was a little sceptical…read the full review in Trustpilot
  • Turns the heat off when time runs out

  • Often used by customers when smoking soft products like fish

  • Easy to set up
  • Dec 4, 2023
    I Have Drevos Smart 50 now aprox 7 months and i think i have made 1000kg of cold smoked salmon also…read the full review in Trustpilot
    Stable smoke
  • One load of the smoke generator is enough for 16 hours

  • Ignition is maintained by the air compressor hidden under the roof

  • The heating and the smoke generator are separated

  • You can leave it overnight
    Recipes & Programs:
  • You will have 40 recipes for various meals: bacon, beef, trout, salmon, chicken, goose, pork belly, etc

  • Recipes are highly detailed and you will know what seasoning to use, how much salt, pepper, etc

  • You will know how long you should dry, how long to smoke, and what temperature to use

  • Recipes also contain a smoking schedule. The smoking schedule is a set of commands for the smoker.
    All you have to do is just put the product inside and click the button *start*

  • You can create up to 50 custom programs
  • The last selected program is saved for quick access
    Full control
    You will have a powerful arsenal at your disposal, you can control each aspect of the chamber manually, and you can also create programs that will switch the state of the appliance accordingly to the state of your product or time
    Example 1
    If you are making a medium rare steak, you can set a program that will smoke your steak until it reaches 140°F inside, at 248°F inside the chamber, and then reduce the temp to 122°F to keep it warm until you take it out
    Example 2
    You want to defrost the goose and then smoke it until 165°F, you can set a program that will maintain 140°F for an hour or two, and then increase the temp to 248°F until the goose is ready at 165°F, then reduce it back to 122°F to keep it warm
    Jul 17, 2023
    Drevos is the best smoker I’ve ever used (previously had 4 others). Everything is so easy from settings…read the full review in Trustpilot
    Here you can choose any smoker with all your wishes taken into account and enjoy natural smoking.
    We take great care to ensure that the quality of our products is as high as possible
    How it works
    The generator is easy to use – just fill it with wooden chips, light them, and leave it

  • Materials and size
  • – The generator is built from 304 AISI stainless steel 1\12.7″ thick
    – Dimensions of the main tube: 15.7″ x 4.48″
    – The generator can smoke up to 16 hours from one load
    I’m really impressed of quality of build! Just arrived and had no chance to try it but I had amazing support…read the full review in Trustpilot
    Unique features that make it the best
    Featuring an ashtray and a condensation filter, it prevents humidity increase, traps tar in a jar, and accommodates any wood type
    Oct 22, 2023
    Great looking and great working smoker. Please to use and smokies taste grat. Good service and…read the full review in Google Maps
    The built-in air compressor ensures consistent smoke flow, with adjustable flow, from 0 to 100%
    I can’t say enough good things about the smoker. From the moment I unpacked it, I knew it was a quality…read the full review in Trustpilot
    Even smoking
    Continuous distribution of smoke provides an even distribution of the smoke throughout the whole chamber
    Even cooking
    Unlike in most grills, you will have even temperatures all around the chamber, thus your product will be ready at the same time and evenly cooked from all sides
    Even drying
    Convection fan even provides additional airflow during drying and curing, thus increasing the quality of your product
    The motor is hidden behind the walls for safety
    With each customer, we sign a contract with all agreements written
    Highly recommended! Quality, functionality, all thought through! Great customer service. Been helpull…read the full review in Google
    Payment methods
    You can choose a wide variety of payment methods:

  • Revolut

  • Apple Pay, Google Pay

  • Bank Transfer

  • Visa, Mastercard

  • PayPal (with buyer protection)

  • May 15, 2023
    My first smoker, first thing i smoked is a chicken, was juicy and tender, used salt and pepper, i would…read the full review in Google
  • Handmade in a factory in Bucharest

  • We are testing the smoker before dispatching

  • The factory manager checks the build quality of every smoker

  • You are getting a full and detailed report, the smoker is sent only after your confirmation
  • We value quality above speed
  • All smokers are insured for full cost

  • Well packed and placed on a pallet

  • Driver’s car will be equipped with a lift

  • You will be able to track the shipment

  • When the smoker leaves the factory, you will know and have pictures
  • You can also collect the smoker from the factory yourself
    Within one year after obtaining the smokehouse, you will have a full covering warranty, and even after a year, our technical team will help you
    Dec 23, 2023
    Very good communication! Great smoker, easy to operate! Very fast delivery! All the best in Business! 5*…read the full review in Google
    Size and Design
  • You can choose: color, dimensions, loading, personalization, and even form

  • Each aspect can be customizable
  • Feb 10, 2023
    5 stars for Drevos International! Everything was spot on from the start to the end . They make a great product…read the full review in Google
    Capacity & Equipment
  • You can order a smoker with any dimensions and capable of smoking any amount of product that you need

  • You can order horizontal load, vertical load, or even combined

  • You can use the smoker both indoors and outdoors

  • You can choose any configuration to your liking, linden cladding, stainless cladding, you can add wheels to your order, a window, steam generator, filter, indoor chimney, or overlay door, options are truly endless

  • Feb 8, 2023
    Vrey good delivery fast delivery always answer to all my mes. And good quality product pleasure tome…read the full review in Google
    The walls are built using 2.3” of basalt wool, two layers of aluminum foil, pine lining, hermetic clay, pine bricks, stainless steel, and linden lining. Thus there will be no temperature spikes
    This is the most insulated smokehouse on the market
    No condensate
    Unlike equipment with thin walls, thick multilayer walls don’t let humidity penetrate the chamber
    Feb 17, 2023
    Only just started with my new smoker and am already seriously impressed. Smoking with it is simple with…read the full review in Google
    You will get a combination of extremely powerful heating elements with a power of 1.8 kWh and unmatch efficiency of insulated walls
    Feb 6, 2023
    Very nice staff , delivery on time , everything was explained clear and now I’m preparing to use it ! Very happy…read the full review in Google
    Easy Cleaning
  • Full stainless 304 AISI cladding

  • No seams

  • The bottom is bent to the center

  • You can attach a hose to the drain

  • When cleaning, excess water goes directly to the sink
  • Feb 20, 2023
    From the start, great service and perfect communication 👌👌👌 Friendly and helpful. And now the best part…read the full review in Google
    You’ll get free bonuses for your chamber after filling the quiz!
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